Hello, My name is

Charles Iyere

CEO Charlie’s Gym, A Dance Artiste And Fitness Coach

My Work

My work is a fusion of fitness and artistry, captured through captivating and dynamic poses that reflect the essence of strength, grace, and creativity.

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Charles Iyere

Founder/CEO, Charlie’s Gym Dance Studio

Charles Iyere is a multi-talented individual who wears many hats with exceptional prowess. As the founder and CEO of Charlie’s Gym Dance Studio, he has transformed the fitness and dance scene in Edo State, Nigeria.

3 Awards | 5 Nominations

A true Thespian and contemporary dance major, Charles is a versatile dance artist, captivating audiences with his extraordinary talent and artistic expression. With over 15 years of dance experience, he has mastered the art of movement and storytelling through dance.

In addition to his remarkable dance journey, Charles has established himself as a seasoned fitness trainer, with seven years of experience under his belt. His dedication to fitness goes beyond mere workouts; he is a motivator, a mentor, and a catalyst for personal growth. His training expertise extends to gymnastics, adding depth to his fitness knowledge.

Charles has impacted the lives of countless individuals, helping them break boundaries in their fitness journeys, build self-esteem, and improve their overall physical, mental, and psychological well-being. His commitment to clients’ satisfaction is unwavering, and he continuously strives to inspire the community toward a healthier lifestyle.

Beyond his work with clients, Charles has taken on a role as a mentor to upcoming fitness trainers and gym management professionals across the state. His passion for uplifting others and sharing his wealth of knowledge has left an indelible mark on the fitness industry.

Currently, Charles Iyere is tirelessly working to elevate the standards of fitness in Edo State, Nigeria. He draws inspiration from the satisfaction of his clients and is on a mission to inspire the entire community to embrace a healthier way of life through his innovative approach to fitness.